Saint Charles Rowing Club
St. Charles Rowing Club
Get in a boat, it will change your life.

Let's Do This

C ome try us out and see if you like it! No experience is required, only a willingness to step outside your comfort zone is needed.  Come to the barn, meet the Coach and team, get in a shell, pick up some oars, and give it a try. 
1.  Call or email Coach Chris Meldrum at 630-207-8337 or and let her know you are interested in checking out SCRC.  (Note:  You must know how to swim)
2.  Come down to the Barn (35W 403 Pinelands Road, Wayne, IL) - Tuesday through Friday at 4:00 pm.  Wear tight-fitting clothing (like athletic pants or leggings, no loose shorts or sweats) and shoes that can get wet (slides, flips, Crocs, water shoes)  Remember, this is not a fashion show - we are getting wet and sweaty.  Coach will show you the ropes.
3.  Get in a boat for a day or two, see if you like it.
4.  Let Coach know when you decide to join.  Fill out the Liability Waiver form, register with USRowing, and pay your dues (spring, summer, winter) and fees (regatta fees, regatta travel and uniforms/gear).  Purchasing t-shirts at regattas is optional, but very cool.  You are on your way to becoming an oarsman or coxswain!
5.  Come to partice every day.  Work very hard.  Eat.  Sleep.  And repeat.  
Caution:  This is harder than it looks so stick with it. 
6.  Practice during spring and fall is Monday-Friday 4:15-6:00 PM, rain or shine.  Weather permitting, you will be on the water; If not you will be inside on the ERGs. Either way, come ready to work.  Practice during the summer is 6:30-8:30 am Tuesday-Friday and Saturday 7:00-9:00 am.  During winter break (Nov-Dec), optional strength and conditioning training is offered.
  • Competitive seasons run through Spring and Fall
  • Training runs year round -- Give us a shot during your off season!
  • On the water practices are after school - summer practice sessions are at sun up to accomodate for summer jobs
  • You definitely CAN fit homework into this schedule 
7.  You will be considered a "Novice" for your first year, no matter how good you think you are, even if you were "Travel" or "Varsity" at another sport.  Once you have learned the basics you will be able to participate in Novice competition, depending upon how well you performed Step #5.  Listen to Coach, do what the cox says, work hard, and support your team ... good things will come your way!
8.  Have fun!  You will develop new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.
Welcome to our club.  Welcome to our sport.  This will change your life.

Help Us Grow
SCRC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  Help us grow to bring competitive and adaptive rowing to more people!  Tax-deductible donations will support our future growth.  Thank you!
Please shop at and choose Saint Charles Rowing Club as your charity of choice and a portion of your purchase will go to SCRC, which we will use to help fund our growth.  Invest in our youth and our community.  Thank you!

Club Locations:
Barn: 35W403 Pinelands Road, Wayne, IL

Join USRowing
Please join USRowing , the governing body for our sport and provide SCRC membership number.
Complete Waiver Form
If you are interested in becoming a collegiate rower, please join NCAA and set up a profile on
Pease download and fill out the Liability Waiver Form and email to